the end is near.

12 12 2012



(This space is me obviously ignoring the fact that I haven’t blogged in like a year)


OK, so I know it’s been a while. Like a LONG while. But I’ve got some news that we wanted to share with everyone, and I thought this would be a great way to do it. First, we had another baby in July, Anniston Grace. (Surprise! Nobody knew that, I bet 🙂 ). And secondly, we’re pregnant! (NOT! Please don’t spread that rumor. It just seems like the only time I use this blog is to announce that we are procreating.) Enough jokes, now onto the good stuff.

The end of January marks 3 years since Evan and I (a family of 2 at the time!) left the states for language school in Guatemala and then consequently moved to the DR. Our lives have been so richly blessed by our time here in so many ways. We have made some really great new friends; gotten closer to some old friends; grown as a family, both physically and spiritually; and seen God do some really awesome things here in the DR through the lives of people around us. Being a missionary is serious business, and it’s DEFINITELY not always the easiest job in the world, but I would be willing to bet that’s it’s one of the most rewarding.

One great thing about mission work is that it encourages you to depend on God to lead you and guide your decisions, both big and small. In this case, the decision is big. When Evan and I decided to extend our 2-year commitment here in the DR into an indefinite-amount-of-time-commitment, we basically said that we would stay until 1.) We felt like the school was well-established and could carry on in our absence, and 2.) God was bringing new people to fill the void that we would leave when we moved back to the states. By the grace of God, we feel like those two goals have have met, and it seems that our time here has come to an end. All that is to say that this December will be our last month in the DR. 

We are both excited and sad, both relieved and apprehensive that this day has come. Most of all, we feel at peace with the situation. In and of itself, that is a huge affirmation of this decision, because we have prayed for months for God to grant us peace about this. Even though there are so many people we are leaving behind that we are (seriously!) going to miss, we feel like this is the right thing for our family right now.

Evan and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this mission team here in the DR. We feel humbled that God has been able to use us in the place to (hopefully) make a difference in the lives of some of these kids that we love so much. And we will continually be looking for a way to stay involved in the ministry here, as well as in the lives of our team members and students. What we’re asking for now is that all of you will keep us in your prayers during this time of transition, as we are looking for jobs and trying to re-establish our life in the states (Chattanooga, to be exact). Similarly, pray for the team here as they adjust to all the personnel changes (us leaving; Jeff Reese, the Lambs, and the Werts coming on in the next few months). Finally, thank you all SO much for the many ways you have supported us over the past 3 years, whether it be through prayers, visits, or financially. We love and appreciate you all! Thanks!