School supplies

25 02 2011

Here are a few pictures of all our new school supplies… All of this came in with the Northside group a few weeks ago. Desks, books, and tables came from a drive Cheryl Mynatt helped put together at Boyd-Buchanan.


Aldridge newsletter

20 02 2011

February marks the one year anniversary of our leaving the states for language school and the Dominican Republic. We’ve put together a short little newsletter to update everyone on what we’ve done this year, as well as what the future hold for the Aldridges and the Manna DR team. If you’d like to look at it, you can find it at:

Thanks for looking at it, we appreciate all of your love and support!

discipling program progress.

20 02 2011

We’ve had a busy month with preparations for our discipling program. A few weeks ago we officially began to spread the news about the school to our prospective students, and the response was awesome. Our kids were all incredibly excited, and they asked a lot of great questions about the program. They seem to have a renewed sense of excitement, not only for the school, but for our existing programs, as well.

A week after officially breaking the news, we hosted a parent meeting ¬†for the families of our prospective students. We invited the mayor of Rio San Juan, the director of the high school, and personnel from the district of education office in RSJ. Overall, the turnout was great, with about 17 students represented, and all the parents were incredibly enthusiastic about having their children be involved. I was unsure about whether or not the community would catch onto the idea behind the discipling program, but we had an incredible response. In the weeks following the meeting, we have had several other members of the RSJ community asking for information about the school for their children. All in all, we have collected about 25 applications for admission to the program (we’re planning to accept somewhere between 15 and 20 for year 1), and we’re incredibly pleased with that turnout.

Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to conduct interviews with each of the prospective students and their families. Shortly thereafter we should have a more concrete list of the students who will be in the discipling program for the first year. The plan is to include those students as much as possible with the Spring Break and summer groups, as a way to prepare them for the school and build relationships with our stateside supporters.

Also, thanks to some really awesome people who worked super hard (especially Cheryl Mynatt and Laura Beth Lamb), we now have a TON of school supplies ready for our usage. Mrs. Cheryl was able to head up a fundraiser and Boyd-Buchanan in Chattanooga, providing us with both supplies and money to get a great start on our supplies. Then a work group from Northside in Jeffersonville, IN (the Lamb’s home congregation), came down to bring the supplies and put new roofs on our school buildings. They put a LOT of work into the labor and into getting the supplies through customs. We are so grateful. Here’s a picture of some of our supplies:

Needless to say, we are super excited about all the progress being made here for the “new” program. There is still MUCH to be done, but we’re making progress! Please keep the DR team and all the preparations in your prayers!