back to life, back to reality.

11 01 2011

I decided to make a separate post to recount the goings-on since we have returned to Rio San Juan… this one is not for the faint of heart. Ha.

So, we were in the states for 3 weeks. Evan and I ended up coming in to the states on two different flights (I came in a couple of days early), and apparently (not that I’m casting blame here) someone forgot to lock the door securely as he left the house. Apollo (our 70-pound Weimeraner), stayed at the house while we were gone. Ronald and Rosi went to our house to feed him everyday, and, since we have a fenced-in yard, he just slept (in theory) on the porch by our front door. Apparently he got bored or mad on the first night we were gone, and he pushed his way into the house through the not-securely-locked front door. What ensued was apparently mass chaos, involving a bottle of red acrylic paint, 500 yards of red and green yarn, 2 pairs of my shoes, and other various items. Bless Ronald and Rosi for coming into the house the next day to try and clean up the mess. However, our apartment was in total disarray Sunday night when we got back… including red paint on our only set of clean sheets. Ha.

Probably the most unfortunate part of this story, however, is the other critters who entered the house while the door was open overnight. Upon closer inspection of our guest bedroom, we realized that there was rat poop literally ALL over the room. Leo, being the brave 5-pound dog that he is, marched into the room and started sniffing around the mess. Much to our dismay a huge rat comes out from beneath a pile of clothes, runs to the kitchen, and climbs in the back of the stove, with us screaming like little girls in pursuit of it. At this point, we let Apollo into house, and he then proceeded to chase the rat out of the (2nd floor) window. We thought we were safe. Well, yesterday morning, I went into the kitchen to see what kind of food we had to eat for breakfast. I open the cabinet door to find another sizable rat eating velveeta and staring at me, looking like I was the one out of place. Another scene similar to the night before ensued, and the rat escaped the house, unscathed. Apparently we are not really brave warriors when it comes to this type of battle.

Anyway, after all that excitement, we spent the entire day yesterday washing every dish and sheet and article of clothing that we own. We swept, mopped, scrubbed EVERYTHING, and threw away probably half of our food supply (which had been chewed on by the rats). It appears that we have finally returned to some semblance of normalcy. So there it is – an incredibly rude awakening from the past few weeks!




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