Santiago & Magi boxes

12 11 2010

Having several things to do in “the city,” we spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in Santiago. On Tuesday, we saw my baby doctor, and everything went really well. Although I’ve been feeling him moving around for a couple of weeks, it was pretty awesome to see him kicking and punching and sucking his thumb (so sweet!) on the 3D ultrasound. The doctor is pretty convinced that the baby’s a boy (we’ll confirm it in a few weeks), and he said that he is “perfect in every way.” We followed the doctor’s visit with eating lunch at McDonald’s, shopping for the little guy, supper at Chili’s, and spending the night in an air-conditioned hotel room with a hydromassage shower (basically it shoots at you from every direction). All in all, it was a pretty stinkin’ awesome day.

We met up with Chad, Norm, and Kevin on Wednesday to pick up the Magi boxes from the airport. With all of the boxes together, they filled up the entire back of the Diahatsu. Wow, guys. Thanks so, so much for those of you who had a hand in putting those together and getting them here. Evan and I are so excited about getting to be here to help pass out Magi boxes. Can’t believe it’s almost time!

There’s something else I wanted to share with y’all, just because I feel like it’s a cool story. I would call it a “God thing.” While we were waiting on all the Magi boxes’ paperwork to go through at the airport, I met a missionary couple from Virginia with a really cute little baby boy. I started talking to the lady and found out that the boy was born at Homs (the hospital we go to in Santiago), and that her OB was the same one that I see. I was able to ask her a lot of questions that had been on our minds about the hospital, doctor, US paperwork, cost, etc. Anyway, just thought it was cool that God put in front of us the opportunity to talk to a couple who understand and were willing to give us their contact information and answer some questions for us. I love little things like that – they’re just a testament to the role God plays in our everyday lives. 🙂