In the DR. Officially.

3 05 2010

Whelp, we’re here. OK, so technically we have been here for over a week, but we haven’t really had much access to the internet. I know you guys have been dying to hear from us, hanging on the edge of your seats. We have had a really great first week. We got settled into our new house (the Wallace house, for those of you who have been here). The first couple of days we had a lot of visitors to the house, including 2  18-inch-lizards (including tails),  1 snake in the centrifuge, and lots of big wolf spiders and lizards. Slowly but surely, we are clearing the house as best as possible. Except for the lizards; they get to stay because I’m told they eat spiders, which I am definitely OK with. We had a lot of help cleaning the house, both before we got here and since we have gotten here, and it has been a huge blessing.

We have been spending a lot of time with the rest of the team, which is awesome. I’m loving getting to know everybody, and we are really excited about working together. Between the missionaries in Bobita, there are 5 dogs (2 of which are ours), and all of them seem to get along great. It’s a little miracle in and of itself! Our boys, Leo and Apollo, absolutely love it here – they get to run in and out of the house and they have lots of doggie-friends to play with. Leo also caught a chicken a couple of days ago. The dogs are hot, but well adjusted so far. I think that could also describe me and Evan at the current moment – hot, but well-adjusted. I do feel a little bit like I’m playing a part in Little House on the Prairie; especially since I hung our clothes up on a clothesline this morning. Never thought I would do that.

Anyway, I will try to update you more on some other things later. Our time with the internet is limited right now, but hopefully we will find a solution to that problem soon. Love you guys!