Haiti Relief

17 01 2010

Several people have asked us about how the earthquake in Haiti will affect our work in the Dominican, or if it will affect us at all. The short answer is that it won’t really be a factor. The work we will be a part of in the DR is supervised/run by Manna Global Ministries (www.mannaglobalministries.org). MGM also runs a school in Cap Haitien called the Lagosette School, which was started in 1999, and currently hosts about 300 students through 6th grade. It is a great work. I’m not sure how close Cap Haitien is to Port Au Prince, but everyone at the school made it through the earthquake all right. Although the school was unhardmed, ┬áseveral of the MGM team (including two of the three members of the board – Brian Wallace and Brad Guatney), almost immediately mobilized to go to PAP to help with relief. They have been working at a health clinic, and the amount of work to be done is unbelievable, from what we have heard. The team in the DR is working to get supplies to the team in PAP, and that will be something that continues for months, I’m sure. This is one way that we may be involved with the relief efforts in Haiti – coordinating with groups to get the supplies to the PAP group.

I have also had a few people ask me about the orphanage in PAP, and what I know is that they lost a 15-year-old boy because a wall collapsed on him. Everyone else seems to be OK as far as I know, and I have absolutely no idea as to the state of the orphanage structure itself. If I hear any more news of the orphanage, I will be sure to let everyone know.

All that being sad, please keep everyone involved in the Haiti relief, as well as the Haitians themselves, in your prayers. It is likely going to take years to get everything cleaned up. The people there are hurting, and they need God’s help & our prayers. I’m praying that some good can come out of all this mess.



8 01 2010

We realized two days ago that we were exactly one month away from leaving for language school. Google tells me that one month is equal to 30.4368499 days. So in 28.4368499 days we will be in La Antigua Guatemala (“the old Guatemala” for those of you non-Spanish speakers. Ok, so I looked that up on Google, too.) It’s easy to forget how close we are to the drastic lifestyle changes that are ahead of us, but every once in a while, something really puts it in perspective. For Evan that means parting with his beloved 52-inch LCD TV in 10 days. (It took a lot of persuasion to convince him that it couldn’t fly on the plane with us. Despite Evan’s insistence, I just don’t think it would fit under his seat on the plane.) What put it in perspective for me was my family and friends talking about which of our things they can “babysit” while we are gone (Almost like we are dead. My clothes and our house furniture will be put to good use for the next 2 1/2 years…). But, like I told Evan after crying about moving out of the house we have lived in since we got married, it’s just “stuff”. All the furniture I put in storage is not what makes up our life together…. it’s just stuff. As attached I might be to my SUV, I know it’s not important because we have such a huge and exciting job ahead of us. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere that God was trying to teach us about giving up “stuff” that gets in the way of our serving Him. By the time we have left behind the unimportant physical things, I think we will be better for it.

Slowly but surely, the little details of what we are leaving behind are beginning to work themselves out. We hopefully have someone moving into our house at the end of next week (We are renting it out while we are gone). It’s not a done deal yet, but it is semi-for sure. We have moved out, sent clothes to Goodwill/storage/suitcases…. yes, I have already started packing for Guatemala, and yes, my husband has made fun of me for it…. sold the TV, changed our address, got a new passport with my married name on it, and so many other little things. Maybe I wasn’t looking closely enough before, but I don’t know that I have ever felt more sure that God is taking care of the details. More than once since October have Evan and I laughed about the tiny ways He was setting us up for this trip long before we were ever aware of it.

About fundraising I will say this: The last weekend of January we are going to visit a congregation in Oklahoma that is a possible sponsor for our work in the DR. If their mission committee feels that we are a good fit for their congregation, they will partially sponsor us starting in April. If it works out with this congregation, then we will have met our monthly budget (for at least 2010, and most likely the duration of our stay). That is definitely something to keep in your thoughts and prayers. We are also incredibly close to having raised the money we will need for language school and lodging in Antigua, for which we are super thankful. That leaves us with set-up costs and insurance money, which will probably total a little over $4000. I would say that small amount out of the large sum we started out trying to reach is pretty stinkin’ fantastic, and we are so very thankful. We are confident that they rest will come from somewhere (All the optimism is probably getting annoying, I’ll work on that. Ha). Anyway, that’s about all I have for now, I think. If anyone is out there actually reading this, I will update you when there is more. ­čÖé